Linggo, Mayo 23, 2010

A sign which very familiar to the symbol of Islamic Monotheism. Some body called it a crescent moon. What do you think this sign?

Sabado, Mayo 22, 2010

Overseas Worker

Dear reader,

I created this blog to posts and express how difficult being a worker in a foreign land. Though our professionals or workers earning a thousand of penny but it doesn't enough to cover up the sadness and weary during isolation from family and love one.

It has been 2 years way back in 2008 of May 30, my flight going to Saudi Arabia. At first, I have concluded to my mind that in my journey; I'm now living alone without knowing where to stand and what rule has been waiting for me in the land of Saudi Arabia.

But Insha-Allah, I have broke the barriers hind in my way and have also passed the challenges due to my patience and enthusiastic efforts. I can say, Saudi Arabia is a place where you can rehabilitate from wrong doings and also safe from any crimes that could be possibly happened.

Thanks to Almighty Allah that He gave me chance to stand and adopt those traditions and customs where I never encounter in my mother land.

Thank you!